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Course description:

Every SAP consultant should know how to create reports with the SAP Query and Quick Viewer. These tools could also be very helpful for skilled end-users. SAP Query (SQ01, SQ02, SQ03) and Quick Viewer (SQVI) allow you to create reports without involving an ABAP-programmer.

In this online course you will find definitions of the SAP Query tool, Infosets, User Groups, Standard Area, Global Area, Query Objects and Quick Viewer tool.

In the first example you will be taught, step-by-step, how to create the "Material Availability Report" by using SAP Query tool with some ABAP extensions. You will create a new transaction for your report. In the second example you will be taught step-by-step how to create the "User Activity Report" by using the Quick Viewer tool.

Then you will see how to convert the Quick Viewer report to a SAP Query report and then you will learn about transporting query objects.

This online course is like a presentation with screenshots, pictures and texts which help to convey the point easily.


  • Introduction
  • Example 1: SAP Query reports with additional ABAP code
  • Example 2: Quick Viewer Report
  • Converting a Quick Viewer Report to a SAP Query
  • Transport Query Objects

Additional information:

 Course type:  Online presentation
 Number of slides:  173
 Number of words:  3983
 Hours required to complete course:  10-15

This course will be available to you immediately after online payment. The course will be accessible for 365 days. During this period you will have unlimited access to the course. To open the course you will need to sign in at and click the button "Display" next to the course in the course list (this button appears automatically after payment).

System Requirements:
- Internet Connection with minimum 1.0 Mbps (download)
- Screen resolution minimum 1024 x 768 (Recommended)
- Zoom should be set to 100%
- In Internet browser switch off "Protected Mode" to be able to download the online course in "Flash" format.
- The newest Adobe Flash Player version is recommended (Check your Flash Player version)

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