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Your use of our website constitutes your agreement to adhere to and be bound by the terms and conditions that follow. Please go over the terms that follow with care. Do not access information or purchase products or goods from this site if you do not agree to the terms set forth herein.

1) Agreement Acceptance.

With respect to using our products, services, and site (the "Site"), you need to agree to the conditions and terms as stated in this agreement. In order to utilize our site and agree to the terms of this Agreement, you must have attained legal age. This Agreement is the sole and complete agreement that exists between you and us, and it takes precedence over any previous or current agreements, representations, warranties and understandings that have to do with the Site, content, products or services that the Site provides or that are provided via the Site, and the subject matter of this Agreement. We have the right to change this Agreement whenever the need arises, and we do not have to provide you with specific notice. The most recent Agreement will appear on the Site. Before you utilize the site, take the time to go over the Agreement.

2) Information Related to Copyright.

Applicable trademarks, copyrights, and other propriety rights included but not limited to property rights of the design, content, layout and other matters pertaining to the Site are as such protected. With the exception of what is expressly permitted by Section 4, you are strictly prohibited from copying, redistributing or publishing any matters such as these or any portion of the Site. Ownership and any relevant rights to materials, content and documents viewed on the Site are not transferred to you. The company does not waive its rights to any information or materials posted on the Site.

3) Trademark Information.

“SAP” is a trademark of SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany. SAP AG is not the publisher of the sap2you e-courses and is not responsible for any aspect of them.

4) Limitations of Right to Utilize.

You cannot replicate, duplicate, assign, sub-license, sell, prepare or derive works or other use of any content, graphic, form or document form the Site. You are only allowed to view, print or download said materials via a limited, nonexclusive license that is solely for your own personal use. You cannot reproduce any portion of the content or document or any form or have it put into another information retrieval system except for your own use personally, which means no resale or redistribution.

5) Making Changes, Editing and Deleting.

We have the right at our sole discretion to choose to delete or edit any information, documents and other material on the website. This includes, but is not limited to, the Terms and Conditions.

6) SAP Training Subscriptions

This material is managed via these terms
•No copying, distribution or selling of any information you obtain via the purchase of our services and products.
•No refunds are given for partially used course package subscriptions.
•It is not permissible for individuals to share amongst themselves SAP login information, training subscriptions and any other information you obtain that has to do with your account.
•It is permissible to access SAP training courses from as many as two computers (i.e. a computer used at work and a personally owned desktop or laptop computer) and to deny access to those who lack authorization. Before access to training courses is granted, prior authorization is required for each computer. It is essential that your computer be set to accept cookies. Your authorization will be invalidated if these cookies are removed, so do not eliminate or move them. SAP2YOU  has the right to review and approve all authorizations.
•SAP training course subscriptions remain in effect for one year. When the subscription period ends, the subscription expires.
•All activities meant to circumvent security measures that are in place or destructive actions that adversely affect the performance, stability, or reliability of the system will lead to immediate termination of the account, with no refund for the unused access.
•We do not permit use of a proxy server to access our site. Account suspension is the penalty imposed if a proxy server is utilized.
•Subscriptions are not automatically renewed. If you are interested in renewing your subscription, you must wait for the subscription to expire and be canceled, at which time you can then buy it again for another year.
•We guarantee complete satisfaction and if after three days you decide you do not like our products, just tell us, and we will put a 100 percent refund into your account. Note: We are unable to provide refunds after the three-day trial period, nor can we offer a refund for any training course that you have completed.
•Failure to comply with the terms & conditions will result in the cancellation of access to services and the forfeiture of any unused access that may remain.

7) Download of CV and Response to Job Ads

Should you opt to upload your resume, you agree that it can be altered in any way we consider to be appropriate. In the event we make changes, we will incur no liability with regard to you. In addition, we are within our rights to disallow any CV that we feel is not appropriate for our database.
•Should any agency, employer or third party utilize your CV, SAP2YOU does not accept any liability.
•SAP2YOU offers no representations with regard to any training or job advertisement that is available either on this website or via any links that appear on the website. SAP2YOU is a platform on which Recruiters/Clients can post their job opportunities, allowing Candidates to submit applications. It is impossible for us to review or censor each job listing that appears on the site. The company cannot control the legality, quality or safety of the posted jobs since it is not involved in the relationship between the Candidate and the Recruiter/Client. SAP2YOU depends entirely on information that it receives via third parties. This means that you must assume responsibility with regard to the suitability of any agency accessed via our website. The agreement is that we're indemnified against any loss or liability that SAP2YOU might incur because of the content that you provide to the company. Any CV that is included with an application for a job will be included in our CV database.

8) Other conditions and terms for hiring companies and recruiters

• Any services and positions posted on our website must be actual, up-to-date vacancies within your organization. Letting other businesses advertise on or utilize your business profile is not accepted and will mean your account being terminated with no refunds.

•The number of advertisements that a particular client can post can be limited by SAP2YOU.
•There is no guarantee that you will receive a response to the advertisement that you place on our website, nor is there any guarantee that any response you do receive will be from candidates who have the qualifications you desire. The onus is on you to obtain and review all the information regarding candidates and make sure that they are good matches for the available jobs.
•The responsibility is yours to appropriately handle any responses you receive through SAP2YOU and not cast aspersions on SAP2YOU. If you do not comply with this obligation or any of the other stipulations, you will hold SAP2YOU blameless with regard to any claims that an individual makes.
•SAP2YOU does not vouch for any job or training advertisement that appears on the website or that is accessed via any links that appear on the website. SAP2YOU is a platform that permits job opportunities to be posted by Recruiters or Clients while allowing Candidates to create their profiles and upload their CVs. There is no way that we can review or censor each CV or job listing. Because the firm is not involved in what transpires between the Candidate and the Client/Recruiter, it is impossible for the firm to maintain control over any aspect of the posted CVs, including their legality, quality or safety. SAP2YOU depends entirely on information that it receives from other entities. This means that it is your responsibility to vet any candidates procured via our website.

Under this agreement, you will indemnify us should SAP2YOU incur any losses or liabilities as a result of any data or other material given to us by you. Access to our database is only provided so that listed candidates can be approached for the sole intent of helping them secure employment. You are expressly forbidden from utilizing the candidate contact information for any other reason, and that specifically includes marketing other recruitment media. Failure to adhere to this condition will cause your account to be terminated at once without any refund of invoiced sums.
9) Compensation for Loss or Damage.

Your agreement with us is that we're indemnified and defended, along with our lawyers, partners, employees and affiliates (Affiliated Parties) against any liabilities or claims, such as reasonable lawyer fees, that are related to you violating your Agreement about using this site.

10) Lack of transferability.

You are not permitted to transfer your right to utilize the Site. You are not permitted to transfer any password or right you receive to access documents or information.

11) Limits and Disclaimer.

"As-Is" or "as available" is the category under which this site's information falls, and there is also a disclaimer regarding any express or implied warranties, which includes those implied regarding merchantability and being for a specific purpose. Issues, errors, bugs or other problems may be included in the services and information. With regard to your utilization of any information or service, we and our affiliated parties assume no liability at all. Therefore, , we along with any parties affiliated with us will not be held liable for any damages that happen indirectly, specially, incidentally or consequentially (this includes damages for loss of profits, loss of business, litigation and so forth) whether these are due to breach of warranty, breach of contract, tort (this includes negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if given advice that such damages might occur. The agreement between our company and you is based on the preceding negation of damages. Without the existence of such limitations, this site and the information it includes would not be available. Any information or advice we give you via this site in either written or oral form will not constitute any representation, guarantee or warranty unless we state such in this agreement.
This company accepts no responsibility or liability for any damages that result from viruses included within the electronic file in which the document or form resides. We cannot be held liable for any damages albeit consequential, special or incidental, that may transpire via inability to access or use our website. The purchase price you pay for any information, services or goods that you receive from us is our maximum liability to you, regardless of the circumstances.

12) Utilization of Information.

You have consented to our use of data pertaining to your use of the site as well as information that you have given to us as outlined in the privacy policy.

13) Privacy Policy of the Company.

Our Privacy Policy provides guidance on the way in which the information you provide to us is handled. You signify that you accept our Privacy Policy when you choose to utilize the Site. It is your responsibility to keep your username, password and other personal information confidential. You have responsibility for any activity that occurs in your user account, and you will tell us immediately if there is any use of the account by an unauthorized person using the form for contact provided on the site or using the email address If someone else accesses your user account or other such actions, we will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to a third party or you because of this. It is possible that our Privacy Policy will be altered on occasion, and it is included in this Agreement.

14) Terms Regarding Payments.

If you purchase something from us that, you will warrant and represent that
• Your credit information that you provide is complete and accurate
• Any charges you make will be paid for by your credit card company
• You will assume responsibility for paying any charges plus taxes that you incur.

15) Links That Are Provided to Third Party Websites.
This website includes links that lead to third-party websites. We accept no responsibility for the sites' content or accuracy, and we do not monitor or investigate them to see if they are complete or accurate. We do not necessarily approve of or endorse any linked website that appears on our site. If you choose to leave our Site to visit third-party sites such as these you do so at your own risk.

16) Press Releases and Other Information.

Press releases and other information about the company appear on the Site. On the date on which the Site was prepared, this information was believed accurate; we do not have any obligation to update this information or press releases. Any information regarding companies other than ours that appears in the press release or elsewhere is not an indication that it is provided by or endorsed by us.

17) Additional Information.

The Agreement will be dealt with as if it had been made and performed in the Russian Federation in Moscow and will follow its laws with no regard to conflicts in the principles of law. The limitations that appear in Sections 10 and 12 shall govern all actions. This Agreement is intended purely as a guideline that does not favor one party over another. Moscow, Russia will be the venue for any legal proceedings that occur with regard to this agreement. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of Russian courts as well as to the extra-territorial service of process. If any portion of the Agreement is found to be invalid or not enforceable, that piece shall be understood as consistent with the law and the other parts will stay in full force/effect. If there is any discrepancy between information that appears on the Site and information that appears in this Agreement, the information in this Agreement takes precedence. If we do not enforce any provision set forth in this Agreement, this does not signify that the provision is waived, nor does it mean that we do not have the right to enforce said provision.

18) Modifications to the Terms Set Forth.

These terms may be updated occasionally, and notice of these updates may or may not be provided. It is always possible to view the latest edition of these terms at the end of the page “Terms & Conditions” on the site.

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